Eric Karjaluoto


Are you a founder, business owner, or marketer? If so, this blog might be for you. In it, I explore ways to grow a healthy business—by acting with purpose, clarity, and honesty.

I talk about how to identify your values, tell your story, and better engage your customers. (I also go on some tangents and post personal observations.) Sometimes my ideas and suggestions will seem obvious. That’s OK. These things are hard to get right. As such, they benefit from ongoing reflection.

I work as a creative/brand advisor to a handful of companies through my work at smashLAB. Additionally, I’m a co-founder of products like Campnab and Emetti.

So, I don’t just dole out advice. I’m in the trenches, just like you. I share my experiences, and consider myself a sort of ally. Take this for what it’s worth. I frequently make mistakes.

Given my other commitments (design studio, products, family), I can only post new articles as time permits.

Last edited July 4, 2019