Eric Karjaluoto


I used to speak at conferences, typically on the topics of design and marketing. It’s been a while since I last did that, as the time away from family started to wear me out. That said, I’m considering some new presentations—perhaps for a year or two down the road.

In the past, I spoke to groups ranging in size from 5 people to 5,000 (that was pretty far out). I occasionally conduct accompanying workshops, but I’m a bit clumsy at those. Some of those talks related to my books, The Design Method and Speak Human—as well as my work at smashLAB.

Here’s video of Using Process to Hack Design at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in Washington:

And a brief snippet from Do You Speak Human at the J. Boye Conference in Denmark:

Previous engagements

2014/11: J. Boye Conference; Aarhus, Denmark
2014/10: Design Week Portland; Portland, OR
2014/09: HOW Interactive Design Conference; Washington, DC
2014/06: MoSo; Saskatoon, SK
2013/11: Practivism (GDC); Vancouver, BC
2012/10: Diseño Punto MX; Monterrey, Mexico
2011/10: Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference; Halifax, NS
2011/09: Emily Carr University Foundation Forum, Vancouver, BC
2011/05: Confab, The Content Strategy Conference; Minneapolis, MN
2011/03: Emily Carr Speaker Series; Vancouver, BC
2011/01: Boost! Conference; Whitehorse, YT
2010/10: J. Boye Conference; Aarhus, Denmark
2010/10: Social Intranet Summit; Vancouver, BC
2010/10: TMDG; Mar del Plata, Argentina
2010/06: WWU Design Graduation Keynote; Bellingham, WA
2010/05: Kwantlen University Design Graduation; Vancouver, BC
2010/05: Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference; Halifax, NS
2010/05: J. Boye Conference; Philadelphia, PA
2010/05: CITA Annual Conference; Montreal, QC
2009/11: CV Web Posse; Comox, BC
2009/11: Johnson & Johnson Speaker Series; New York, NY
2009/09: TrendCity; Vancouver, BC
2009/08: SFU Social Media Workshops; Vancouver, BC
2009/05: SEGD Conference; San Diego, CA
2008/11: Practivism (GDC); Vancouver, BC
2008/05: AIGA/SVC; Seattle, WA
2008/05: VIDFEST: Vancouver International Digital Festival; Vancouver, BC
2008/05: HOW Design Conference; Boston, MA
2008/05: RGD Social Media Panel Discussion; Toronto, ON
2008/05: RGD Ontario Conference, London, ON
2008/03: AIGA Y13: Seeds of Change; San Diego, CA
2008/03: CNC Web 2.0 Panel; Prince George, BC
2007/12: P2RX Forum; Seattle, WA
2007/05: AIGA Seattle / School of Visual Concepts; Seattle, WA
2006/06: VIDFEST: Vancouver International Digital Festival; Vancouver, BC
2005/10: New Media BC; Vancouver, BC
2005/09: SFU Panel Discussion; Vancouver, BC

Feedback from conference organizers

“Eric did it again. Wonderful lecture. He opened many eyes in Latin America.”
— Sebastian Acampante, TMDG (Argentina)

“Eric is easy to work with which is far from common among great keynote speakers. In addition, I’ve also found him to be a down-to-earth approachable guy, who actually seems to enjoy the conversations with fellow speakers and delegates. Highly recommended!”
—Janus Boye, J. Boye (Denmark)

“Eric has been a great speaker at various RGD events. His enthusiasm is infectious and the information he presents is full of keen insights and practical know-how.”
Hilary Ashworth, RGD (Canada)


For most talks, the organizing committee covers my travel, lodging, and pays an honorarium (typically my day rate based on travel time and duration of stay). If you’d like for me to speak at your event, send an email to and we can work out the details.