Eric Karjaluoto

I Don’t Want You to Try

While effort isn’t something to be scorned, it also isn’t something to hide behind. All too often, we shrug our shoulders and say, “I tried,” as a kind of excuse. This gives us an easy out from things we aren’t just committed to enough.

“I tried to write a good book,” isn’t the same as, “I rewrote every chapter until it people couldn’t put it down.” “I tried to keep my marriage alive,” isn’t the same as: “I put my partner’s needs ahead of mine.” “I tried to get it done on time,” isn’t the same as: “I didn’t go to the concert last night, just so I could meet the deadline.”

Don’t try; just do… the hard work, the inconvenient stuff, the parts that don’t feel like fun. That’s the only part they’ll actually remember.

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