Eric Karjaluoto

It’s Groundhog Day

In the film, the lead character awakens to the Groundhog Day, every day. Many of us are doing the very same thing—albeit figuratively.

Most don’t start this way; these things creep up on us. We start to trade possibility for certainty, and over-emphasize the potential downside of choices. Sometimes, we believe we’re staying a course, when we’re just moving in circles.

Another week, month, year, decade… all with the notion that the current fruitless path will lead to something other. This goes contrary to logic: without changing the situation, why would it change for you?

We tend to think of the future as something far off. This becomes less plausible as we realize that we have fewer years ahead of us than behind. Such realizations implore us to seize the moment, or lose the chance.

Comfort isn’t a bad thing—if that’s what you’re looking for. If, however, you feel like something’s missing, you might ask if you’re living your own Groundhog Day… and what real steps you’re willing to make, to break the cycle.

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