Eric Karjaluoto

My Issue with HN

Start-ups have become like garage-band culture: an attractive fantasy for those working common jobs. Our tendency to treat life as a spectator sport, however, leaves us reading articles, blogs, and books about start-ups—perhaps more than we should.

These can be great resources, as they give newcomers a glimpse into what it takes to go out on their own. Taken in too great a dose, though, they can become a bit of a quagmire. I often find myself reading posts on Hacker News, pretending that doing so constitutes research or work.

The problem is that while I’m reading about startups, I’m not doing the one thing I need to: building my company/product. While I love indulging in this sort of information, I need to treat it like dessert: a treat after the important stuff has been taken care of.

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