Eric Karjaluoto

I don’t…

A don’t list is a useful tool for identifying time-sucks and rooting out bad behaviors. Mine is somewhat aspirational. Some of these things I don’t do. Others I’m trying to not do (I’ve set these ones in italics). I recently grouped them to make them easier for me to make sense of.


  • I don’t do work that only pays me once
  • I don’t do work I’m ill-suited for
  • I don’t seek funding for our products
  • I don’t need a safety net


  • I don’t sell things you can hold
  • I don’t interact with those who suck energy


  • I don’t look for fights
  • I don’t argue on the internet
  • I don’t enter into situations that create undue stress


  • I don’t expect things to come easy
  • I don’t seek external validation
  • I don’t give/take orders


  • I don’t follow others
  • I don’t seek greener pastures


  • I don’t eat, every second day
  • I don’t eat animals
  • I don’t drink alcohol


  • I don’t dwell on the past
  • I don’t talk about getting old


  • I don’t commute
  • I don’t attend on-site meetings
  • I don’t take on new hobbies
  • I don’t buy shitty tools
  • I don’t repeat a task, when a system can be implemented

Last edited on April 29, 2020