Eric Karjaluoto


I’m Eric (sometimes I go by “karj”, due to my long last name).

20 years ago, my friend Eric Shelkie and I started smashLAB (a tiny design studio). We help our clients design systems, websites, and applications.

We are obsessed with making things. On the side, we build web products including Campnab, Emetti, Telgard, and Pixaver.

A big part of my work involves observing matters and simplifying them. I maintain this blog because it gives me a place to share what I’ve noticed.

I appreciate how entrepreneurship allows people to do work they care about—and on their own terms. I say businesses are best when they are personal with their customers, and stay small.

I spend a lot of time quietly working from home, in Vancouver. This (mostly) makes me happy. Here’s what I’m doing now, and what I don’t do.

My wife, sons, dog, and I enjoy this city and the mountains surrounding it. So, we ski (nordic and alpine), hike, mountain bike, run, and camp in them whenever we can.

Oh yes… I also love saunas.

Last edited on January 11, 2020